All Results: Riola Sardo

MX1 and MX2 results straight from Italy

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The first round of theĀ International d'Italia series is complete! The MX1 and MX2 were extremely entertaining and gave fans across the globe plenty to discuss as the Grand Prix of Patagonia-Argentina draws closer. If you have not viewed the results from Riola Sardo yet, simply scroll down and check out everything that happened. The highlights are also available elsewhere onĀ MX Vice.

Superfinal Championship Standings
MX1 Championship Standings
MX2 Championship Standings
MX1 Moto One
MX2 Moto One
MX1 Qualifying
MX2 Qualifying Group Two
MX2 Qualifying Group One

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: KTM Images/Stefano Taglioni

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