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Cooper Webb discusses San Diego

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Cooper Webb dropped off the podium at the fifth round of 2019 Monster Energy Supercross, San Diego, but things could have been so much worse. Webb went over the bars whilst chasing his teammate down and spent a considerable amount of time picking himself back up, so salvaging an eighth was respectable and kept him in the title fight. Webb already had his sights set on rebounding at the next round, Minneapolis, when we caught up with him for an exclusive MX Vice interview.

MX Vice: You could say it was a rough night, if you want to compare it to the last two rounds. The speed was still there though and you could have quite easily won the thing or finished on the podium. It was just that one fall that kind of cost you. Take the eighth place out of it and, well, there are still positive signs here.  

Cooper Webb: Yeah. Like you said, it was a rough night compared to the last couple. I got a decent start and was right there behind Marv. It was like he stalled it or something. I ran into the back of him, kind of shot off of him and into a hole. I actually went over the bars somehow. It took me a long time to get my bike up. Guys were kind of running it over and this and that. It was a bummer, especially seeing I was right there trying to get around Marv and to see he got second and ended up catching Eli at the end.

Cooper Webb finished in eighth in San Diego, following a small crash (ConwayMX)

I was bummed with what could have been but, at the same time, like you said, the speed is there still and all day I was good; qualifying and heat race. I felt good all day. It was a bummer to crash in the main, but I salvaged an eighth and am still only eight points back. We have got a lot more racing to go, but I have definitely got some redemption now to go into next weekend and I want to get back on that podium for sure.  

That was how you ended up going over the bars then? You hit a hole or a clump of mud or something? It looked really weird on the replay on the big screen.

Very weird. I don't know. I think I hit Marv's back wheel and kind of ricocheted to the left and must have hit something that nobody had been going to. Very strange. I went right over the bars. I have to watch it on TV and see what the heck happened.

Obviously, after the last two weeks, I presume your confidence was high, but then add the mud into that and how well you rode at A1. I'm guessing you were expecting big things tonight.  

Yeah, always for sure. It's racing. Especially in these conditions, anything can happen. I was obviously bummed with the result, like I said, but the confidence is still there. I still believe that I can win on any given night. Like I said, tonight I felt speed was good all day. I was right there in the races. That crash put me out of it. It was still good to salvage. It could have been a lot worse, for sure.

Has that actually changed since the beginning of the season? Now, when you are sat on the line, is your mindset and the way you are thinking about the whole race completely different to A1?

Oh, absolutely. It's cool to have a lot of confidence again. I'm not expecting a lot out of myself, but it is nice to line up and know that you can win and know you can beat these guys. Just know you have got to apply yourself to do so. It's definitely a lot different mindset than the last few years and especially A1. It's a good spot to be in again, for sure.

Cooper Webb trails the current series leader by eight measly points (ConwayMX)

Just going back to the conditions again quickly… Everyone I've spoken to tonight kind of agrees that when it stopped raining, that was the worst thing that could have happened. It started becoming claggy, heavy and everything. Do you agree with that?

Yeah. It was tough, man. I hadn't ridden on a track like that in a long time. Even A1 was muddy, but quite a bit different. Unfortunately there is nothing that they can do to the track. The same lines were there from qualifying that we hit in the main event. They just got deeper and deeper and deeper. They actually went out with the tractors to try and fix it and I think it made it worse. It was difficult, but it's good to not DNF a race like that.

Obviously you are heading east now. Are you in a comfortable place with your bike and body and therefore feel that you do not need to work on much? Do you feel like you have still got improvements to make and we could still see an even faster Cooper Webb? 

Yeah, I think there is always room for improvement. I think the bike is really good. I feel really good. Once we get east, it is time to get to work. I'm feeling good. I feel like I shine a little bit more on the east coast tracks, so I think we can expect a little bit more for sure.

Interview: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: ConwayMX

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