Eye Awareness: AJ Catanzaro

AJ Catanzaro encounters vision issues

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Although attention is now turning to the sixth round of 2019 Monster Energy Supercross, Minneapolis, there are a lot of riders and teams who are still fighting the effects of the previous race in San Diego. Lime was mixed into the soil in order to help the track dry and ended up severely damaging bikes, as well as some riders, as everyone knows by now. A new issue has come to light today though. A well-known privateer, AJ Catanzaro, took to social media to warn riders about potential eye damage.

"PLEASE TAG ANYONE THAT RACED SAN DIEGO: You need to go get your eyes checked IMMEDIATELY," AJ Catanzaro wrote on his personal account. "My eyes were bugging me and they progressively got a little bit worse as the week went on. Thank god I decided to go to the eye doctor just as precaution, because it turns out the PH level in my eyes was DOUBLE what it was supposed to be. It is very possible that there are small particles in your eyes that will continue to cause damage if you don't get them looked at. This post is not designed to bash the promoters or anyone involved, I just want to raise awareness of this so everyone can get checked out. I'm very lucky that one of my good friends, @RAKRacing is an eye doctor and urged me to go."

There are currently no additional riders who have voiced their concerns about their eyes, but who knows what is going on behind closed doors? There is no doubt that this story will continue to develop in the coming weeks.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: ConwayMX

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