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Evgeny Bobryshev withdraws from round one

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Evgeny Bobryshev has had an extremely difficult start to the current term, as a wrist injury at the beginning of January thwarted his progress. Bobryshev did not actually break of dislocate anything in that fall, which sounds like good news, but the injury has left him in discomfort and with no opportunities to practice. Although he attempted to ride and push through the pain at the Grand Prix of Patagonia-Argentina, he confirmed in the following statement that he is out.

"Till the last moment I didn't make any decisions. I was optimistic to come to Argentina and try to race. My expectation was that it will be fine and I can hold on and do my best. Unfortunately, in the qualifying race, it was not possible to continue as I had a lot of pain in my wrist. It's hard to accept but I will not race this Sunday. Now I will need to go back home to do check ups again. At the moment for me is difficult to know when I come back to race, but now I want to fix my wrist and come back in a good shape. Like this I can't struggle all the races and be upset of my results."

Evgeny Bobryshev is currently in his second term with the BOS Factory squad, but is first aboard a KX450. Tommy Searle is his teammate.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: ConwayMX

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