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Chatter Box: Zach Osborne

Osborne on his time in Paris

· 4 minutes read

Zach Osborne capped off a successful season with the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing outfit by competing at the Paris SX, alongside his teammate Dean Wilson, which was held at the new U Arena for the first time. Osborne jumped up to the 450F for the event and secured fourth overall, but that may not truly represent just how well he rode. Steve Matthes tracked him down at the end of the weekend to discuss everything that happened.

MX Vice: Today, Sunday, you had really shitty starts and your work cut out for you. Yesterday was a nice main event and [you had] some good rides though. Up and down, but fourth overall.

Zach Osborne: Tonight, in the first main I got a really good start and almost pulled the holeshot. In the second two, maybe I was trying to time the gate a little too perfect and it was just bad. In the last one I almost went down going down the straightaway and was literally last. I just battled my way to fourth. It was nothing special and a big disappointment after last night, because I feel like my race craft on the bike is pretty good. It is maybe better than my one-lap speed. With only riding the bike a couple of times and coming here to enjoy myself and do some racing, it was a really good weekend.

A second in the main event on Saturday was Osborne's best result (Husqvarna/Ray Archer)

The Superpole results determined your gate pick, so how hard were you trying to get top two or whatever?

I was trying hard, but that is where I need some more hours on the bike to know that real edge. I feel like I could have waxed my time on my 250F, had I been on it, compared to what I did on the 450F. It is just hours on hours on hours to get that supreme feeling with the bike. It takes a long time. I’m not disappointed, as it was a good learning experience and I’m leaving healthy. There were no real big kinks in the weekend. It has been pretty good and I feel like I showed some decent speed and fitness. I’m happy.

You got to practice some passing out there. There was not much room, but a lot of guys in front of you. You were making it happen! 

In the last main event I was like, “Dangit! Now I have to work through these guys or just kind of sit back." I started working through and a couple of them went pretty ham on me. I was just like, “Man, come on. It is the last one of the weekend, let’s just take it in." It is what it is. I can’t be too disappointed, as it was my own fault and I got a terrible start. That was that.

Poor starts really restricted Osborne on the final night of racing (Husqvarna/Ray Archer)

You have not been here for a number of years, but raced it back in the day. I thought this was a really good track. It was fun and provided some good racing.

Yeah. I think that when the whoops are bigger and the track is more mellow, it makes for great racing as everyone is a little bit closer. You see the same in the ‘States and we should learn from that really, I feel like. It was a good weekend. The dirt was really good, especially for a European supercross. It was pretty tacky, not all rutty and gooey. It was pretty realistic for going back and racing at home. I’m really happy that I got to come and have the experience. It was a pretty positive weekend. There are a lot of things that I can improve on and also take away. 

Yeah, maybe stay away from the inside of the whoops like we talked about. You could not sweep the turn, it was no good and I didn’t like it. 

It was just a comfort thing. If I had a couple of hundred hours on the bike, then I would expect myself to go down the left side too. When I’m a little uncertain, I am going to do what I feel is the safest. That was the case.

Osborne made a total of nine passes in the final two races of the weeken (Husqvarna/Ray Archer)

More so yesterday than today, what did you think Marvin was doing out there to shine through all weekend. Was there something that you saw him doing?

He was really good at sorting the track out quicker than anyone else. That was the biggest difference, for me, as I wanted to find the track every time, whereas he was on point as soon as we hit it. I think that was the biggest difference. He is really good at these tight little things, where he can take these sneaky French lines. That was to be expected. He was motivated coming here, I knew that, and rode really good.

Interview: Steve Matthes | Lead Image: Husqvarna/Ray Archer

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