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Decotis sustains an injury

A hard hit for Decotis

The track that is constructed within Daytona Motor Speedway is always the toughest on the calendar. So, with that in mind, it is hardly surprising that certain riders walk away battered and bruised. The injuries that Jimmy Decotis sustained are much more severe, however, as he revealed in a social media post earlier today.

"Not the way I wanted to end my night," he wrote. "I had a big crash before the finish line. I'm thankful to be walking. Couple fractures in the L2 and L3 and some broken ribs. Back injuries are scary, so I feel I'm truly blessed with the outcome. Thank you so much @ichorsportsmedicine, Doc Bodner and everyone at the medical unit. You guys are the true heroes of this sport and it is so awesome to see a friendly face when you are laid up on the ground. I am extremely bummed right now, I love racing my dirt bike and these next few weeks will be tough. I'm going to see a specialist on Tuesday when I arrive back in Charlotte. I will update everyone on my return as I learn more," he concluded.

It remains to be seen when Jimmy Decotis will return to racing. The deal that he has with Autotrader Yoshimura Suzuki runs through the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross series.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Suzuki Racing

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