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EMX reports and results

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Support classes are typically uninteresting, to be brutally honest. That is certainly not the case at a round of the FIM Motocross World Championship, however, as the various EMX classes feature countless rising stars. The EMX125 riders are set to take to the track for the first time this year at Valkenswaard, along with those in the EMX300 category.

EMX300 Time Practice

The EMX300 riders were the first to tackle the wet circuit, which was frozen in a lot of spots, so their qualifying session was far from ideal. The snow was really coming down at this point too, so vision was undoubtedly a serious issue. It is advisable to not put too much weight into these results. Pole position swapped hands multiple times; Mike Kras, Brad Anderson, James Dunn and Sven Te Dorsthorst all took turns at the top. The former, Kras, eventually prevailed with a comfortable margin. It is also worth noting that Anderson crashed at some point, as his peak was split, but he obviously was not harmed. Click the link below for full results.

EMX300 Time Practice Results: 1st Mike Kras (2:06.607), 2nd Brad Anderson (2:07.022), 3rd Sven Te Dorsthorst (2:07.254), 4th Greg Smets (2:07.406), 5th Youri Van Ende (2:07.511), 6th James Dunn (2:07.961), 7th Tom Meijer (2:11.131), 8th Mathias Plessers (2:11.131), 9th Erik Willems (2:11.642), 10th Deymond Martens (2:11.707).

James Dunn spent some time atop the board in EMX300 (Sean Ogden)

EMX125 Group One Time Practice

The snow had not eased up at all by the time that the first EMX125 group took to the historic circuit. Conditions may have been even worse! The results from that first session were fairly predictable, as KTM’s Rene Hofer set a dominant time, but it is worth noting that Emil Weckman spent a lot of time at the top of the board before slipping to fourth. Other notables include Eddie Wade (twenty-second), Adam Collings (twenty-sixth), Dominic Lancett (twenty-ninth) and Joel Rizzi (thirty-third). The top eighteen qualifying directly, so those riders are heading to the last-chance qualifier.

EMX125 Group One Time Practice Results: 1st Rene Hofer (2:09.708), 2nd Meico Vettik (2:10.756), 3rd Filip Olsson (2:10.941), 4th Emil Weckman (2:11.709), 5th Emilio Scuteri (2:12.456), 6th Florian Miot (2:12.721), 7th Loeka Thonies (2:13.336), 8th Thibault Benistant (2:13.414), 9th Axel Gustafsson (2:13.770), 10th Mak Mausser (2:14.485), 11th Mattia Guadagnini (2:14.701), 12th Mauno Nieminen (2:15.139), 13th Samuel Nilsson (2:15.989), 14th Andrea Bonacorsi (2:16.116), 15th Marnique Appelt (2:16.18), 16th Sam Nunn (2:16.399), 17th Thibault Maupin (2:16.765), 18th Cameron Durow (2:16.766).

EMX125 Group Two Time Practice

Another session passes and, hey, more snow. The EMX125 class is in a bit of a transitional phase this year, it seems, as there are not too many noteworthy names. Most are eagerly waiting for a new star to take control and a handful of guys have the potential to do that. Raivo Dankers is one of those riders and completely smashed this session. Just look at the gap to Mario Lucas Sainz in second! Other notables include Max Ingham (twentieth), Sam Beresford (thirty-third) and Ben White (fortieth).

EMX125 Group Two Time Practice Results: 1st Raivo Dankers (2:11.509), 2nd Mario Lucas Sainz (2:14.030), 3rd Kjell Verbruggen (2:14.069), 4th Tom Guyon (2:14.282), 5th Leopold Amjornson (2:15.340), 6th Raf Meuwissen (2:15.433), 7th Petr Polak (2:15.564), 8th Maksin Kraev (2:16.665), 9th Lion Florian (2;16.716), 10th Arvid Luning (2:17.433), 11th Brian van der Klij (2:17.778), 12th David Braceras Martinez (2:17.972), 13th Matheo Miot (2:18.067), 14th Mike Gwerder (2:18.067), 15th Mack Bouwense (2:19.343), 16th Wiljam Malin (2:19.424), 17th Boyd van der Voorn (2:19.659), 18th Dean Schellen (2:19.761).

EMX125 Last Chance Qualifier

Maximilian Spies took a dominant win in this EMX125 heat. Twenty-four seconds was the advantage that he had over Emil Jonrup, Dominic Lancett and Magnus Smith. Those riders claimed the final four transfer positions. The riders in fifth and sixth will act as reserves. Why did Eddie Wade not start the race? A broken shoulder was sustained two weeks ago and, although he gave it a good go, it was too painful to continue. Joel Rizzi stated that he rode terribly and it seems that was the reason why he too did not even attempt to make the motos.

EMX125 Last Chance Qualifier Results: 1st Maximilian Spies, 2nd Emil Jonrup, 3rd Dominic Lancett, 4th Magnus Smith, 5th Henry Vesilind, 6th Francesco Bassi, 7th Adam Zsolt Kovacs, 8th Callum Gasson, 9th Elias Persson, 10th Max Ingam.

Joel Rizzi did not even take part in the last chance qualifying race (Sean Ogden)

EMX300 Moto One

The opening EMX300 moto was all about Greg Smets, a surprise package. Smets had never even won a race before this! Mike Kras led early on, but simply could not stop the Belgian and eventually crossed the line seventeen seconds down. Brad Anderson and James Dunn were locked in their own battle for third, a position that the latter held initially, but almost a minute down on the eventual winner.  Other notables include Phil Mercer in twenty-fifth, who crashed at one point, and John Robson down in thirty-sixth. Their second moto will be the first race that is run on Sunday.

EMX300 Moto One Results: 1st Greg Smets, 2nd Mike Kras, 3rd Brad Anderson, 4th James Dunn, 5th Mathias Plessers, 6th Tom Meijer, 7th Daymond Martens, 8th Nikolaj Skovgaard Christensen, 9th Youri Van Ende, 10th Joshua van der Linden.

EMX125 Moto One

Rene Hofer lived up to the hype in the first EMX125 encounter, as he led every lap and won by eight seconds. Emil Weckman should not be overlooked, however, as he started fifth, worked his way up to second and actually had some faster times than the KTM star. The quickest time that he set was more than a second faster than the eventual winner. It seems that those two could feature at the head of the field all year, as Mario Lucas Sanz was more than forty seconds down in third place. Raivo Dankers, a pre-race favourite, withdrew after two laps for reasons that are yet to be confirmed.

EMX125 Moto One Results1st Rene Hofer, 2nd Emil Weckman, 3rd Mario Lucas Sanz, 4th Filip Olsson, 5th Thibault Benistant, 6th Brian van der Klij, 7th Emilio Scuteri, 8th Tom Guyon, 9th Lion Florian, 10th Raf Meuwissen.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Sean Ogden

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