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Viewpoint: Antonio Cairoli

Antonio Cairoli on his Spanish win

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Antonio Cairoli was being pulled in many directions at the MXGP of La Comunitat Valenciana, but still made time to do a quick post-race interview. What did he have to say about his first triumph of the season and return to the head of the table? Read on or, alternatively, listen to the audio version elsewhere on MX Vice.

MX Vice: You are back! It’s funny – people have actually been saying that you're back, but you did not really go anywhere. You have been right in the points the whole time. Is it nice to kind of get the monkey off your back and stand on top of the podium again?

Antonio Cairoli: Like I said in the press conference, we are testing a lot of new stuff because I saw on the first races we had to improve in some parts of the race. The bike was working okay, but we want a little bit better some parts. So, finally, we get some parts this year, this race. We are really happy about this. The first moto we had not so good start, actually, we were around fifteenth place on the first lap and then I made the first two or three laps very, very good and I managed to come back to second in the back of [Romain] Febvre.

I tried to pass him, but he was responding very good and I had to spend a lot of energy to go around the left and right trying to make it happen. I only passed hm after twenty minutes. After I controlled a little bit the race. I saw that Jeffrey [Herlings] was coming back strong and we could control the first moto. The second one, again, a good start, then trying to pull away and Paulin was on the gas. He passed me. The second moto I was trying to pull away, but he was faster in the beginning. I tried to follow a little bit and then when he got a little bit tired I made the pass again. It was good.

Then I saw again on the board that Jeffrey was charging, as always. He made it very easy to pass a lot of guys. He came back in second place, so I know that I need to push harder. I made some other good laps and I responded to his lap times. Then we really did not respond. Only the last laps I had some trouble with some lapped riders again they could come closer and closer, but overall I am happy about this GP.

Antonio Cairoli has eighty-four Grand Prix wins to his name (KTM Images/Ray Archer)

 You mentioned that you got some new parts there. What were those exactly? Did you ask for those after the first two GP’s? Did you identify a problem?

Yeah, like six different kinds of parts, but making the difference I think. We are still waiting for some really structural parts of the bike, but maybe next GP.

What are they going to do? Is there a problem that you are dealing with?

No, no problem, just the bike, we work and we try to make it better always.

Jeffrey Herlings has come through the pack every time. When you are out there, are you thinking about where he is and if he is coming? I saw on the pit board your mechanics told you where he was at a few times.

Yeah, for sure. He is the fastest coming back from the rest of the guys, so I think it is important to see because he is charging very hard always. We are really looking forward to have some good battles and trying to respond as quickly as possible always.

Starts are arguably the greatest strength that Antonio Cairoli has (KTM Images/Ray Archer)

I feel like this might be the start of a good run for you because, looking at the calendar, Trentino, Agueda and even Russia are tracks that you should really shine at and quite similar to here really. You must feel good moving forward.

No, I like. We know that in Valkenswaard he would be very strong and also in Argentina, but also here because he was training here a lot and for me it was the first time. Actually, we do not really look about tracks. We just race by weekend.

What did you think of this track this weekend? Obviously it is a practice track normally, but did it race well?

Yeah, it is a practice track and I did not really train much here, never, but we are really happy about how it goes.

Interview: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: KTM Images/Ray Archer

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