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Viewpoint: Conrad Mewse

Conrad Mewse on a few topics

· 6 minutes read

Conrad Mewse has been discussed a lot recently, following some difficult MXGP rounds and then the penalty that he was handed at the third round of the Maxxis British Championship. Mewse was, fortunately, happy to discuss all of that in a post-race interview on MX Vice. This interview was originally posted as a podcast elsewhere on the site.

MX Vice: Third overall, which obviously is not what you want or deserve really, because there was a penalty in the first race. Just kind of talk us through your day, how that all happened and what you think of it.

Conrad Mewse; Yeah, it’s been a rough day. Qualifying started good – I had first. Then started off in the first race, I came off the start and got an okay start. Coming into the second turn I just completely lost my back brake. Everything was gone. They were not a single bit working. So I had to ride the whole first race with just my front brake, which was really tough around this track. I managed to salvage third. Then obviously came back to the van and it was the poor decision of the ACU to dock me. There was not a lot I could do, unless they wanted me to grab a handful of front brake on the takeoff of a jump and then there would be more waved yellows.

It was tough. It was a bit of an annoying decision, but it happened to a couple of us and it is what it is. In the second race, I was looking forward to a really good start and really getting going. I got stuck in the gate. I was quite stuck, actually, it took me a few times to get it out and by that time they were around the first turn, everyone. I put a charge on and I got to the front pretty quick, actually. I was pretty happy with my riding. I got to the front and then just cruised home for the win.

So, overall, it was an okay weekend. Obviously I lost my undefeated streak, but if it had just gone with the rear-brake problem in the first race I would have won the overall. So that decision kind of messed me up a little bit, but it is what it is. Hopefully I can continue the form into Latvia.

Conrad Mewse had a tough day, but extended his advantage by a point (MPS Images)

With the penalty, did you get a chance to fight your corner? Did you get a chance to show them that you did not have a rear brake and prove that it was a safe decision to do what you did or were they just not interested? You just got told, "here is your penalty, deal with it" afterwards?

Yeah. We went up there, me and the team, just to show them the back brake, but they just were not interested at all. There were a couple of people out there who I think put the complaint in and I will not forget that. But, like I said, it is what it is. There is not a lot we can do. I think there were actually a few more people that jumped it than actually got noticed. But hopefully they get called out and then we can get back on track.

Do you actually care about your undefeated streak? Obviously it looks good and you kind of kept it going in the second moto, even though you got caught in the gate, which proved you can do it no matter what. Do you care?

Not really, to be honest. That was not what I was thinking coming into the weekend. I was just literally, obviously this is practice for the GPs for me, so I am just trying my hardest in every race. But, like I said, the undefeated streak is no fault of my own. There is nothing I can do about that. It is out of my hands. If I was riding bad and then got beat straight up then, yeah, fair enough. I would be a bit disappointed, but I showed in the second race that I hit the gate and then came from last to first. Hopefully we can carry on the way we are and get back to the front.

I have got to ask about GPs. Obviously Portugal was not great, but then at Canada Heights you said that you realised it was a problem with you and you had fixed it. Russia was not great either though. What is going on there and how do you sort of view all of that?

I am struggling a bit in the GPs, to be honest. Portugal and Russia were not great, but I have got my worst GPs out the way now. These first few GPs are really the ones I hate, so I am glad they are out the way and Latvia is next. I am looking forward to getting out there. For sure, I can almost guarantee I will be back up there in Latvia.

Conrad Mewse expects to turn his MXGP campaign around at Kegums (MPS Images)

Is it actually a problem or do you just think once you get on a sand track, a track that you have done well on in the past, you are going to go in with confidence and that will just sort you right out?

No, there is not a certain problem that’s causing all this. I am just a little bit not riding like myself in places like Russia and Portugal and things like that. So I am struggling a bit. But, like I said, for sure we’ll be back up there in Latvia.

I guess starts have something to do with it as well, because obviously no one came through in Russia. We even saw it with Max [Anstie]. He was great in the qualifying race, but did not get good starts on Sunday and then could not make progress. I guess had you started fifth, you probably would have stayed there.

Yeah, definitely. It was a very fast track. It was a bit like Argentina actually. It was quite tough. For some reason it was about thirty degrees outside, but for both of our races it was a mud race. They put so much water down before the races and it was just… First lap we got plastered. Then it was just hard to get into the rhythm with riding the dry track at the end of the race, but it is what it is. I am putting these two weekends in the past and we are going to get back out there.

Finally, are you actually enjoying coming here? I guess it is good. You have a bad GP or whatever, but you can come here, win a moto, and kind of get a bit of confidence back. But then you only raced on Tuesday, so you must be a bit knackered.

Yeah. It is a tough season for me. We have got a lot of races. There are about thirty races on the calendar. It is pretty tough. We are resting up as much as we can in-between. We are getting our work done in the week and we are putting one hundred percent effort in, so the results will come soon.

Interview: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: MPS Images

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