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The Grand Prix of Great Britain will be a poignant point in the FIM Motocross World Championship, as a lot of high-profile riders will return to racing and add depth to both classes. There are still a considerable number of guys on the sidelines, however, based on the list below.

In for the MXGP of Great Britain

Jeremy Van Horebeek: Jeremy Van Horebeek had a hard hit at the Grand Prix of Germany and, consequently, some were concerned that he had sustained a shoulder injury. It seems that he is just battered and bruised though, as he will be on the line this weekend. The fact that he has dealt with the flu this week has further complicated things though.

Jeremy Van Horebeek is battered and bruised currently (Yamaha Racing)

Romain Febvre: Romain Febvre was already struggling with the arm injury that he sustained in Latvia, but then hurt his ankle at the previous round in Germany. Febvre could not walk for a few days and was off of the bike for more than a week. Although things did not go too well when he did start riding again, he will race at the Grand Prix of Great Britain.

Hunter Lawrence: Following a tricky couple of months that have included a virus, broken metacarpal and concussion, Hunter Lawrence will attempt to get his season back on track at the Grand Prix of Great Britain. Lawrence was actually in a position to race at the previous round, as he passed the various concussion tests, but the doctors overruled that and forced him to watch from the sidelines.

Adam Sterry: Adam Sterry twisted his ankle a week before the Grand Prix of Latvia, but did not think too much of it initially. An additional evaluation revealed that ligament damage was sustained, however, hence why he missed the previous two rounds. Sterry jumped back on a bike earlier this week and will race at his home event. Seventeenth is the position that he occupies in the championship standings.

Darian Sanayei: Darian Sanayei tore his ACL at the beginning of April and then completed a couple of laps at the Grand Prix of Trentino, but has not been seen since then. Sanayei has been back on the bike for a couple of weeks and is raring to go this weekend. It is easy to forget that he could have won the Grand Prix of La Comunitat Valenciana, so do not be surprised if he jumps out front on Sunday.

Darian Sanayei was on top form before his injury (Monster Energy Media/Ray Archer)

Anton Gole: Anton Gole has been back on a bike for more than a month now, after sustaining a broken scaphoid in the off-season, but wanted to wait until he was at one hundred percent before he returned to the FIM Motocross World Championship. It was initially thought that he would return in Germany, but his hand did not feel strong enough.

Shaun Simpson: Initial reports suggested that Shaun Simpson did not sustain any significant injuries at the Grand Prix of Russia, but it was eventually confirmed that he fractured three ribs and chipped his ilium. Simpson skipped the events in Latvia and Germany, because of those issues, but will return to racing this weekend. It is worth noting that he raced in Belgium last weekend and finished second overall.

Valentin Guillod: It is quite hard to believe that Valentin Guillod has raced one round of the FIM Motocross World Championship in the last twelve months. A broken leg, which was sustained in January, has stopped him from lining up on a Standing Construct KTM thus far this season, but he is finally in a position to return. Guillod started riding again a little over a month ago.

Graeme Irwin: Graeme Irwin suffered significant burns at the beginning of May, so missed the previous two rounds of the FIM Motocross World Championship. It is incredible that he is already in a position to return to racing. Irwin currently twenty-fifth in the premier-class standings, with a season-best finish of sixteenth in a moto.

Graeme Irwin suffered horrific burns less than a month ago (KTM Images/Ray Archer)
Out of the MXGP of Great Britain

Alvin Ostlund: Alvin Ostlund was one of the many riders who got caught out by the waves at the Grand Prix of Latvia. The crash that he experienced was rather serious and, unfortunately, a broken ankle was sustained. Although it has not been confirmed how long it will take for him to recover, he will certainly not be on track anytime soon.

Stephen Rubini: Stephen Rubini crashed in the waves at a similar time to Alvin Ostlund, but sustained a long list of injuries. The Frenchman, who had the best showing of his career earlier this month, partially ruptured a ligament in his shoulder, suffered muscle damage, fractured his finger and has a hematoma behind his shoulder. There is no timeline on his return.

Todd Waters: Todd Waters was eager to make a splash in his HRC debut at the Grand Prix of Latvia, but his time aboard the bike was short-lived. A crash in qualifying fractured his collarbone, unfortunately, and surgery was performed shortly after that. There is no timeline on his recovery, but the HRC squad will stick with him.

Todd Waters is still not back on his CRF450RW (Honda Racing Corporation)

Vsevolod Brylyakov: Vsevolod Brylyakov has had such a rough time of it in recent years and, unfortunately, suffered another blow at the Grand Prix of Russia. Brylyakov tore his ACL in the second moto and will miss a significant amount of time. In fact, there is a chance that he will not be able to return at all this year. Kemea Yamaha are braced for that and have drafted Anthony Rodriguez in as a replacement.

Bas Vaessen: Bas Vaessen had a spectacular crash in the second moto at the Grand Prix of Trentino, which left him with a grade three muscle rupture in his leg. It was initially reported that Vaessen will return at the Grand Prix of Lombardia, but he has already been back on a bike for a week. There is a chance that he will race in France next weekend.

Jordi Tixier: Jordi Tixier initially wanted to return at the Grand Prix of Trentino, but then scrapped that idea after he struggled at an international race in France. Tixier had an additional break following that, in order to reach one hundred percent, and has now been back on the bike for a couple of weeks. It has not been specified when he will return to the Grand Prix paddock.

Brian Bogers: After shattering his foot whilst testing a CRF250R in November, Brian Bogers started riding at the end of March. Bogers encountered more issues through that time, unfortunately, as a small crack on his foot was identified. Surgery was performed just a little over a week ago, so he will not return to racing until the end of the season.

Brian Bogers already has a contract with HRC for next year (Honda Racing Corporation)

Brian Hsu: Brian Hsu dislocated his shoulder whilst training in Italy before the Grand Prix of Europe. The shoulder was put back into place immediately and it was stated that he would not be out for too long. There has been no statement regarding his recovery, a timeline on his return or anything else though. Both Hsu and Bud Racing have been contacted for a comment.

Arnaud Tonus: It has been a difficult couple of months for Arnaud Tonus, with a handful of knocks and injuries. A dislocated shoulder that was sustained at LaCapelle Marival was the most devastating, as it required surgery and will rule him out for another three months or so. It is going to be quite some time before the Swiss star is seen on track again.

Milko Potisek: Milko Potisek tangled with another rider on the face of a jump at the MXGP of Europe and, as a result, fractured his ankle in two places. Potisek got the green light from his surgeon to begin riding a little over a week ago and has confirmed to MX Vice that he will strive to return in either Belgium or Switzerland.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Monster Energy Media/Ray Archer

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