Confirmation: Cole Seely

Cole Seely issues statement

Cole Seely suffered some devastating injuries at the eighth round of Monster Energy Supercross, Tampa, in February, as heĀ sustained fractures to his sacrum and the left and right sides of his pelvis. The injuries were so significant that rumours started to spread that he was contemplating retirement. Seely has now released a statement on social media, however, that confirms that he will make a full recovery and return to racing.

"I know there was quite a bit of talk about me retiring next year, truthfully I did need to do a little soul searching," Seely wrote. "Now that I have my head on straight and can think clearly after my injury, I do plan on making a comeback to racing. Not only that but come back faster and stronger than before with a little more knowledge and perspective on life and racing. You can doubt me, count me out or underrate me, but I'll be back to make a statement soon enough. Thanks to those who stood by me and I hope this clears things up."

The contract that Cole Seely has with Honda HRC will expire at the end of the current season, so he is a free agent. All signs indicate that he will return to the team, however, although nothing has been confirmed yet.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Honda Racing Corporation

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