Practice Rundown: MXGP of Czechia

Analysis and insight from Loket

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The Grand Prix of Czech Republic is a race that most are familiar with. The daunting hills of Loket have been raced on for decades now and thus team personnel have plenty of data and knowledge to fall back on when the FIM Motocross World Championship does indeed arrive at the venue.

The MXGP and MX2 riders have already spent an hour on the track and now, because of the information that was provided in those sessions, there is plenty to discuss. So, without further ado, here are five things that have stood out from this morning.

Conrad Mewse

Conrad Mewse is not racing again this weekend, but for a different reason than at the last two rounds. It sounds like he tweaked his knee in practice recently and, rather than risk aggravating it further on the treacherous track, is resting at home in an effort to prepare for the upcoming Maxxis British Championship round. Mewse is the favourite to win that domestic championship, which means a lot to his team, so sitting out was the smart thing to do. There is a chance that he will slip from thirteenth to fourteenth in the overall standings by the end of the weekend.

Conrad Mewse is not on track at the fourteenth round of the season (Sean Ogden)

Alessandro Lupino

Alessandro Lupino deserves so much more credit for the gains that he has made recently, as he has arguably improved more than anyone else. Lupino captured attention in the free-practice session this morning, as he was competitive inside of the top ten and even posted some session-best times along the way. The first sector on the track, which runs from the finish and then through the four turns that follow that jump, was a strength of his and where he really gained ground. It is not possible to share the times from that section though, as there were some issues with the timing. They were only available in real time.

Evgeny Bobryshev

Olivier Bossard, the big boss at the BOS GP squad, did not travel to Indonesia, as he elected to focus on improving the engine on the RM-Z450 that Evgeny Bobryshev pilots. Bobryshev should have some extra power in his steed this weekend, consequently, although the practice times do not exactly reflect that. One would presume that he is just getting adjusted to the different settings, but he is also fighting some niggling injuries. Bobryshev will go the line in twenty-fourth for the qualifying race later today, so will face a fight to get around the first corner inside of the top ten.

The Waves

The section after the first turn prompted plenty of discussions during the timed MX2 session. Pauls Jonass managed to go double and then triple through that section, so then other riders latched onto the idea and gave it a go. Ben Watson was the only other rider to do it successfully during the session. Jorge Prado gave it a go whilst practicing starts afterwards though and actually made it happen, so it is possible for a lot of the guys. It will be interesting to see who does the triple consistently during qualifying, if anyone does, asĀ one must go all the way to the outside to carry enough speed over the first double.

Ben Watson was one of only three riders to triple through the waves (Sean Ogden)

The Duel

Although both Jeffrey Herlings and Antonio Cairoli are still recovering from their respective injuries, there is no doubt that they are still the class of the field. Their times have actually been very close thus far, or closer than they have been anyway, so fans are watering at the mouth at the prospect of a titanic duel. Cairoli did state that he wants to be more aggressive from this point on and really make a charge. Perhaps this could be the beginning of a memorable seven-race stretch to the end of the season?

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Sean Ogden

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