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Jorge Prado on that huge incident

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Jorge Prado has arguably just had the most eventful weekend of his short career. There was so much that he had to deal with at the Grand Prix of Turkey, which some would argue was self-inflicted, but he still came out with a healthy series lead and has inched closer to a maiden world title. Prado was even available to comment on that craziness immediately following the race! This exclusive interview was originally posted as a podcast elsewhere on MX Vice.

MX Vice: Obviously an eventful and crazy day, but you are coming out with a twenty-four-point lead. You did not lose that much. Considering everything that happened, and there was a lot, that is pretty positive.

Jorge Prado: Yeah, at the end of the day, we did not lose so many points, just six points, so it is not that bad. I think it was a win where I could maybe put some points in between us, but let's say it was quite a weird weekend.

One of these riders will end up claiming a world title later this month (KTM Images/Ray Archer)

With that first moto crash, obviously everyone is talking about it. I spoke to Pauls [Jonass] and he thinks that you could have waited and been a bit more patient. How do you see what happened?

He also could have looked around to see how everything goes and not only focus in one line. I do not know. I was one bike at least in front of him. He did not close the throttle, so he jumped on me. If he would have closed the throttle, nothing would have happened. He would not crash. I would not get hurt. It was just a race incident. I was fastest guy on track in that moment and I did not want to wait or get fully roosted with his stones, so that point, like I said before, I was in front and he did not close the throttle. He jumped on me.

He also said that if he was not there, then you would have just jumped straight off the track. Do you feel like that? Do you feel like you were carrying too much speed into the chicane or not?

In the last part of the jump I saw that he was coming really close, so I knew he did not close the throttle. So just before the rear-wheel got already off the jump, I gave a bit of extra gas. We really did not touch completely together, but if I did not do that then for sure it would have been even more of a big crash. I think I did the correct thing. Some riders just need to look more around.

A few people said that they saw you sort of touching your back or your neck. Are there any injuries that you have got from this crash?

No, after the crash I just hurt a bit my back. Just not really like bone or anything, just scratches and burning. It is just the marks of the Pirelli tire. In the beginning I was trying to figure out what happened. It was a bit painful, let's say. When one bike hits you straight in the back. I took like half a lap, a bit rest, and then I tried to catch up to the guys in front. I did not have enough time, but I think it was a good moto.

Jorge Prado is now sat on an advantage of twenty-four points in MX2 (KTM Images/Ray Archer)

Were either of you mad after the race? Did you have words with him? Did you explain the situation? I saw you kind of cut across him immediately out of the start in the second race, so was that kind of retaliation for this thing?

No, not at all. I cannot even remember if I cut him or not. I am not really playing those kinds of games. I just tried to get that holeshot again and tried to pull away. It did not happen that second moto.

Did this crash maybe remind you how much you have to lose at this point? Obviously, you are in a nice position in the championship. You do not need to be doing stupid things. Once you rode off the track from that crash, were you like, "Wait, do I need to be a bit more careful?"

I am also going for race wins. Of course, championship matters, but it is also nice to win sometimes. I had a good streak of GP wins so I just wanted to keep it going. I was the fastest guy on track. I am going for the championship and if that is my level, that is my level. I am not going to ride slower just to be safer. Sometimes it even makes you ride more uncomfortable. I am just going my pace. It is still two races to go. Next one is a track I really like. This one is already finished. I am already looking forward for the next one.

From what you said there, it sounds like nothing is going to change for you over the next month. You are still going to go for race wins and GP wins. I am guessing this back/neck problem is not going to stop you training, so full steam ahead?

I am all right. I will recover a little bit for two days and then back on the bike. Make a good training. I am pretty fit right now. Sand is something I really like, especially Assen. Like I said before, it is a track where every time I race there I have been always in the podium. I have some good memories. For sure I need to be careful with the moves I make and not do stupid things, but that is already what I have been doing these past races. Just do what I have been always doing. Just training.

Interview: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: KTM Images/Ray Archer

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